The spiritual power of poem:台北圓山臨濟宗護國禪寺 The Taipei Zen Buddhism Temple of the Rinzai (Linji) school

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One hundred years later, this website will be handed over to one organization for permanent maintenance. If we shall meet each other in our next life, I am willing to share our name and photos from our previous life. It will be worth waiting romantically and artistically.
Creation of "The spiritual power of poem" (GushiJuejuLüshi) : Over 1000 poems (until today)

Master :
Chang Dai-chien / Shi, Zhi-Gang

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Cheng Hung-Wen Biography

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>> The spiritual power of poem

<<台北圓山臨濟宗護國禪寺The Taipei Zen Buddhism Temple of the Rinzai (Linji) school/臨済護国禅寺>>
與友 吳正富,一同重遊自己童年曾在此掃葉等的故地。


詩:鄭鴻文 (Cheng Hung-Wen)


鄭鴻文cheng hung wen てい こうぶん(台北圓山臨濟宗護國禪寺The Taipei Zen Buddhism Temple of the Rinzai (Linji) school)The spiritual power of poem.jpg