The spiritual power of poem:古蜀國 Kingdom of Shu

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One hundred years later, this website will be handed over to one organization for permanent maintenance. If we shall meet each other in our next life, I am willing to share our name and photos from our previous life. It will be worth waiting romantically and artistically.
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Chang Dai-chien / Shi, Zhi-Gang

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>> The spiritual power of poem

<<古蜀國/Kingdom of Shu/古蜀>>


詩:鄭鴻文 (Cheng Hung-Wen)



The State of Shu (Chinese: 蜀) was an ancient state in what is now Sichuan Province. Shu was based on the Chengdu Plain, in the western Sichuan basin with some extension northeast to the upper Han River valley.

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