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The official Website of Cheng Hung Wen.
( Updated:2020 / 07 / 14 / Tuesday ) (English Website:2015/3 ~ On line number:291,703 人)
One hundred years later, this website will be handed over to one organization for permanent maintenance. If we shall meet each other in our next life, I am willing to share our name and photos from our previous life. It will be worth waiting romantically and artistically.
Creation of "The spiritual power of poem" (GushiJuejuLüshi) : Over 1000 poems (until today)

Master :
Chang Dai-chien / Shi, Zhi-Gang

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Cheng Hung-Wen Biography

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Master :
Chang Dai-chien 
Shi, Zhi-Gang

○ 2016 The spiritual power of poem(Gushi、Jueju、Lüshi)
Total Creation:1000 + Poems

○ 2016 『The spiritual power of poem


○ 2015 Online(The Official website)(中、English、日)

○ 2015 Ministry of National Defense R.O.C. (Speech)
Place:Taiwan Taipei 

○ 2015 Kaohsiung Lantern Festival – Artistic Director
Place:Taiwan Kaohsiung 

Year 2015

○ Calligraphy video lecture for Taiwan Lions Clubs International University
Place:Taipei, Taiwan 

○ Interviewed by 「China Radio International」
Place:Beijing, China 

○ 2014 Chinese Event of Poets, Editors, Essayists, Novelists and Photographers
Place:Hainan, China 

Year 2014

○ Interviewed by Malaysia Oriental Daily News
Place:Taiwan Taipei City

○ Curator, Exhibition of “Communing with Flowers” 
Place:Taipei, Taiwan

Year 2013

○ Exhibition in Taiwan International Orchid Show
Place:Tainan, Taiwan

○ Event Speech to Chinese Calligraphers 
Place:Taipei, Taiwan 

Year 2012

○ Individual Exhibition to Celebrate the Xinhai Revolution Centennial Year
Place:Taipei, Taiwan 
Da-Hsia Gallery, Chinese Cultural University

○ Exhibition of Chinese Hectometer Calligraphy to Celebrate the Xinhai Revolution Centennial Year
Place: Wuhan, China 

○ ART China Interviewed by 「ART China」
Place: Beijing, China 

○ Diplomatic gift to Mr. Song of Thai President Office
Place: Bangkok, Thailand 

○ Exhibition of Chinese Artists to Celebrate the Xinhai Revolution
Place: Beijing, China 
The National Political Consultative Hall

○ Made his debut after his master passed away.

Year 2011